Thomas C. Spain, President,
Spain Construction Co., Inc.
August 1, 2003

"This letter will introduce Charles Goodman, who has worked for us for over 30 years. Charles joined our team back when I was still out there hammering and nailing, and slowly took over as chief carpenter, and in the past fifteen years as a superintendent. For the past five years, he has essentially run all aspects of the jobs in the field, with minor support from the office and me. He has proven to be a thoroughly competent manager, and deals in a very professional manner with our customers. Often, he has had to manage 8-10 very complicated homes, and customers with different personalities, all at the same time. He understands the entire construction process, including the various trades (masonry, heating and cooling, wiring, etc.).

"It is without hesitation that I can recommend him. I have no doubt Charles will operate his new company with the same attention to detail, customer service and absolute integrity we have developed over the last 33 years."

M. B. Roberts

"We met Charles Goodman in 1988 when he was foreman for Spain Construction during the building of our home in Blakemeade subdivision. Since that time, Charles has done a number of small jobs for us on that home. He also did two remodeling jobs at my father's home - a bathroom and a screened porch.

"When we started a new home in 1999, we had Charles help us with it and could not be more pleased. We would highly recommend him to anyone. He has good working relationship with well qualified subcontractors and demands excellence from them and himself.

"Please feel free to call us at anytime concerning this matter."

M. & P. Gresham

"If anyone is in a position to comment on the capabilities of Charles Goodman and Company it's us. We initially hired Charles to do some renovation on our 40+ year old home. Our vision continued to expand and we had him doing work here for over a year as we basically redid much of our 3800 square foot house.

"It's generally accepted that renovation is more stressful than new construction because you have to "live" around the people who are working on your home. We could not have been more pleased with Charles and his crew. Their work was consistent and to the highest standards. Equally important, our lives were made easier because Charles would always schedule things well in advance and keep us aware of what was happening. He seemed to find the most competent subs and he used people who were courteous and honest. We frequently had people working in our home when were not here and never had any problem.

"We appreciated the way Charles worked with us. As we came up with ideas (some good some harebrained) he would patiently explain the pluses and minuses of different approaches. He worked with us to make certain that the end result was not only what we envisioned but was also the best, most cost effective option available.

"Perhaps the incident that best characterizes Charles' dedication to his clients occurred after Hurricane Frances hit Gainesville. We had a large pine tree come through the roof of our newly renovated master bedroom. Water was pouring in. We called Charles in a panic. Despite having dozens of other calls to respond to, Charles and crew came over immediately, removed the tree and repaired the roof. Charles, by the way, was working with his arm in a sling, having injured it earlier in the day. Thanks to Charles' efforts we had minimal damage to our bedroom.

"We commend and recommend Charles Goodman not only as a fine and capable contractor but also as an honest and caring human being. After months of renovation, at a time when many homeowners are ready to kill their contractor, we consider Charles to be a friend and he would be our only choice for any future work."

S. Werner

"Having owned my own structural engineering company for over thirty years, I have worked with untold numbers of contractors--both residential and commercial. Charles Goodman is an exceptional person both as a contractor and as a man. His principals and work ethics are very high; your satisfaction is his main objective. There will always be problems to overcome when building a home; I love mine and thank my lucky stars that it was such an easy process in partnership with Charles Goodman."